Image of bartenders serving drinks responsibly
Image of bartenders serving drinks responsibly

TiPS® Certification - Online Alcohol Training

Get certified and join the millions of satisfied participants that already enjoy the benefits of TIPS® certification.  

Our participants are recognized as the most highly trained & skilled professionals in the Industry. Top employers prefer our students over many other applicants because; 

  • Certification Recognized by more Industry Employers

  • Nationwide Alcoholic Beverage Commission Course Approvals  

  • Trainng required by more Insurance Companies 

  • On and Off-Premise Specific Course Curriculum  

  • Certificate Valid for 3 Years

TIPS® certification training is based upon where alcoholic beverages are consumed. Essentially, there are two consumption areas; On-premise and Off-premise. In order for you to choose the right course you need to understand the meaning of these terms. Consider how alcohol is consumed where you work. Is it consumed on the premises for immediate consumption? Or do you sell sealed containers or packages for consumtion at-home?


If you sell alcoholic beverages in open containers or by-the-drink you work at an on-premise establishment such as a restaurant, bar, nightclub and your job description is likely to be a bar manager, bartender, waitress, server, casino worker, etc.


Off -premise locations include grocery stores, liquor stores, beverage barns or anywhere alcohol is sold in sealed containers or packages for consumption off the premises. 

TIPS® Training Features

Online Certification is available 24/7. The courses focus on proven intevention techniques to help you manage the liabilities associated with alcohol related service. Each course is tailored to a specific state and establishment where alcohol is sold or served to ensure a relevant e-learning experience. You'll learn;

  • How to spot and prevent sales to minors

  • State specific laws

  • How to detect fake and altered Id’s

  • Proven intervention techniques

  • How to prevent drunk driving

Benefits of TIPS® Certification 

Establishment - minimize property damage by intoxicated guests, protect your business & investment, mitigate fines and administrative actions against your liquor license, establish a legal defense, stay in compliance with state regulations, receive applicable insurance rate discounts, prevent drunk driving, and improve standing in the community as a responsible vendor of alcoholic beverages.


Staff - prevent the sale of alcohol to minors and intoxicated guests, improved customer service and professional alcohol service, proven intervention techniques, penalty and fine mitigation, certification recognized by the courts as the standard in alcohol training and education.


Community - reduce incidents, taxpayer impact, prevent drunk driving, assualt, domestic violence, and minimize property damage or loss.


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