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TIPS Certification Online Image


My web browser crashed after starting the class.

This usually indicates one of the following problems:

1. Your computer is infected with "spyware." This can frequently interfere with the correct operation of a web browser.

2. Your computer is infected with "viruses." As with spyware, this can interfere with your computer, and also usually slows the computer down.

3. Your Flash web-browser plug-in is out-of-date.

Please see the system requirements for our course for information about how to obtain the latest version of the plug-in for your browser and computer operating system.  


I just completed the course. When will I receive my certification card?

Please allow 7-10 business days. You can print a temporary certificate.


I failed the course. What happens next?

You are entitled to a free retake of the course and certification exam. A new registration will be created for you, and you will receive an e-mail that provides you with instructions for accessing the free retake course.


I had to leave the class or test before finishing, or my computer stopped working. What happens next?

When you return after exiting from the course you should be placed at the page you last viewed. Please review other instructions an outlined in this FAQ section for returning to a course. If you had begun the certification exam when you exited the course, you will have to begin the exam again starting with Question 1. (Exams must be completed during one sitting and exiting the course during an exam is not allowed.) Upon return, you will be placed at the page allowing you to begin the certification exam.  


How long does the course take?

Depending on the user and the course jurisdiction, the course can take anywhere from 3.0 to 3.5 hours to complete. Users can log-out and return to the course at any time before beginning the exam. Upon returning, the course will resume from the point at which the user logged out. The exam must be taken in one sitting.


How do I order multiple eTIPS sessions? We recommend purchasing eTIPS Pre-Paid Passports.

Passports offer establishments, corporations, and organizations the flexibility of pre-ordering eTIPS registrations. For every passport that you purchase, we will send you a unique registration code with instructions on how to access the course. 


Louisiana Residents

For participants registering with a Louisiana address, the $40 fee includes the Louisiana ATC Responsible Vendor course and permit.



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