TIPS Courses

TIPS Certified Alcohol Training & Certification 

You can complete your self-paced course anytime, anywhere on any device you choose. Simply use the "Returning Student Login" button below and return to where you left off.  

Your course includes: A Secure website • Low price guarantee • Mobile friendly • Fast easy course • 2 Attempts to pass 
• Print certificate • US based customer support 800-977-3103 • Technical support 800-438-8477 x 600 • Wallet Card 

eTIPS is the #1 online alcohol training course worldwide. Participants can obtain state-approved alcohol certification in 2-3 short hours. Course features include:
  • Fast & easy course for use on any device including smart phones
  • Self-paced - 3 year alcohol certification program 
  • Printable certificate of completion
  • Lowest TIPS course rate nationwide, $40
Additional Benefits include;  
  • Reduced penalties for alcohol violations  
  • Minimize exposure to alcohol liability lawsuits
  • Lower insurance premiums
TIPS Online Course (s) Descriptions

On Premise: The course is designed for individuals serving alcohol by-the-drink, in open containers,  for consumption on the premises. The course is specifically tailored for anyone working at restaurants, bars, and catering events or any other venue where alcohol is consumed or served in the away-from-home market.    

Off Premise: This program is focused on the retail environment, i.e., liquor stores, grocery markets, etc. where alcohol is sold in sealed containers for consumption off the premises in the at-home consumption market.

Concessions: This course is tailored to event venues such as stadiums, arenas, concerts, fairs, festivals, etc., where consumers purchase from vendors and consume alcohol on the premises.

Gaming: The gaming course is designed for casinos, gambling halls, race tracks, riverboats or any location where consumers are consuming alcohol and gambling on the premises
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