LA Server Permit - TIPS Alcohol Training Online 

LA Server Permit. The Louisiana Responsible Vendor (RVP) Permit commonly called the "Bar Card" is now available online. The TIPS course is approved by The Louisiana Office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control (ATC) to earn your alcohol permit online. The course and exam is 100% online and the results are automatically reported to the ATC in order to have your official Server Permit issued. Meanwhile, you can print out a temporary certificate of completion. The course is approximately 4 hours in length and self-paced. The course is designed in sections to enable you to focus on one specific topic at a time. The key areas of instruction include but are not limited to:
How to spot minors
How to spot fake/altered ID's 
When to refuse service and with confidence
The laws regarding responsible service
How to prevent DUI's and more...
You can take the course from any computer in the convenience of your own home, office, library or a friends home. All you need is a computer, Internet connection and you can take the course 24/7 anytime, anywhere. 
"For participants registering with a Louisiana address, the $40 fee includes the Louisiana ATC Responsible Vendor course and permit." 
So, Gettips and start serving alcohol safe today! Click on the Enroll Now button to learn more or enroll.     

Louisiana Alcohol Laws 

Drinking Age: 21
Serving Age: 21
Adult BAC: .08
Minor BAC: .00
Dram Shop Laws: Yes
Required Serving Training: Mandatory RVP Training

Note: The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only and the website owners are held harmless for any action taken by any persons or entities based solely on this information. Please check with the local alcoholic beverage control before any action or process is taken. 

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