Massachusetts TIPS Alcohol Training & Certification Online 

Massachusetts Tips Alcohol Training & Certification. The ABCC alcohol training in the State of Massachusetts is voluntary. However, most cities and Insurance carriers require servers to be TiPS Certified. Massachusetts is one of the largest TiPS Alcohol certification states in the US. Establishments and liquor liability insurance carriers require seller/servers to be TiPS Certified to sell or serve alcohol in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sports bars, or anywhere alcohol is sold or consumed.

At TIPS Certified we offer three programs for you to choose from. Please read the descriptions provided and select the course that's right for you! 
Bars / Restaurants               Liquor / Grocery Stores               Casinos / Gaming                Stadiums / Festivals 

Massachusetts Alcohol Laws  

Drinking Age: 21
Serving Age: 18
Adult BAC: .08
Minor BAC: .02
Dram Shop Laws: No
Required Serving Training: Voluntary (local jurisdictions & Insurance carriers require TIPS Certified training 
Social Host Liability Laws: Yes

Note: The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only and the website owners are held harmless for any action taken by any persons or entities based solely on this information. Please check with the local alcoholic beverage control before any action or process is taken. 

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