Michigan TIPS Certified Alcohol Training & Certification 

The Michigan Tips Certified Training & Certification is an online alcohol certification program approved by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC). Since 2001, the MLCC has required alcohol server training for licensees obtaining new on premise licenses or transferring more than 50% interest in an existing on premise licensed establishment.  

TIPS was one of the first approved alcohol server training programs in MIchigan. Until recently, the only way to obtain certification was through classroom courses conducted by a trainer. With the MLCC's approval of the online eTips® On-Premise course, Michigan, servers can now earn their required certification online.

By approving the mobile friendly online course servers will not be required to drive long distances, set a specific schedule, and use a better part of an entire day to attend a classroom setting. In fact, now that online is approved by the MLCC servers can take the On-premise course anytime, anywhere on any mobile device. This includes in the convenience of your own home, library or friends home. The online course is available 24/7 and all you need is a Internet connection to get TIPS Certified today!     

Michigan Alcohol Laws 

Drinking Age: 21
Serving Age: 18
Adult BAC: .08
Minor BAC: .02
Dram Shop Laws: Yes
Required Serving Training: Yes
Social Host Liability Laws: Yes
ID Required: Drivers license, Military ID, Passport with picture

Note: The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only and the website owners are held harmless for any action taken by any persons or entities based solely on this information. Please check with the local alcoholic beverage control before any action or process is taken. 

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