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The Ohio TIPS Alcohol Training & Certification program is a perfect solution for any establishment concerned about alcohol service liability. 

In the state of Ohio it is the responsibility of the seller/server to know the law. You should be aware that recent Ohio Supreme Court decisions held the seller liable for the results of irresponsible service. We can help you manage the associated risks and provide you with the necessary skills & knowledge to protect your business, patrons and yourself from potential liabilities.

TIPS offers several course options for you to choose from. Each course is designed for a specific establishment, i.e., On-Premise (bartenders, servers, hosts) Off-Premise (cashiers & clerks) Gaming (casino workers) Concessions (stadium hawkers & cashiers)  

Learn more about TIPS Certification by clicking on the Enroll Now button.  

Ohio Alcohol Laws 

Drinking Age: 21
Serving Age: 21(19 beer & wine) 
Adult BAC: .08
Minor BAC: .02
Dram Shop Laws: Yes
Required Serving Training: Voluntary
Social Host Liability Laws: Yes

Note: The information contained herein is provided for informational purposes only and the website owners are held harmless for any action taken by any persons or entities based solely on this information. Please check with the local alcoholic beverage control before any action or process is taken. 
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